Sunday, April 3, 2011

Severe Weather For Monday

Today turned out BEAUTIFUL. We had the clouds move out mid morning and only the Northern part of the Miami Valley saw light sprinkles. With all the sunshine, we were able to climb up to a high of 73 for the day...not to shabby. The air is still very dry, which may affect tomorrow. Severe storms are still expected for tomorrow, but I do not anticipate them quite as severe here in Ohio as compared to the Tennessee and Mississippi Valley areas. They will have much more moisture and fuel for the storms. St. Louis actually reached 90 degrees today. The upper level trough and jet max will be just behind the front. If it rolled through together then it would be much worse as well. With all of this said, we still have a lot of key ingredients for the weather to turn very nasty. With the surface winds as strong as they are, they will fuel the storms as much as possible. They will roll through in the late morning and afternoon so make sure to stay alert.

I highly recommend a NOAA weather radio. The one that I own only costs $30. Some people think that that is a lot, but how much is a tank of gas? How much is your life worth? Exactly. Buy a NOAA weather radio, program it to your county, and be prepared when severe weather hits. It will sound an alarm to let you know if severe weather is rolling into your county. Since the National Weather Service is the one that issues the warnings, you will get the warnings straight from them as soon as they are issued... no middle man to relay the information. When there is a Tornado Warning in the middle of the night, the alarm would sound and you would be able to seek shelter immediately.

Wrapping things up... cooler weather will dive in for Tuesday, but should be warm and dry for the rest of the week until Friday, and scattered showers will stick around until the weekend. Stay alert and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Gotta go see the ticker doctor tomorrow and then should be good to go the rest of this month. Hope you guys are still smiling and dancing a jig in the rain.


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