Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back in the Weather Center

I am back in the weather center and fully re-energized. Thursday I went on a 25 mile moped ride with my friend Wes. We rode the route we plan on taking for the Dayton Area Moped (DAM) Riders get-together. It was a great ride. I then came back, mowed and got ready for my trip to Cleveland. We got up there Friday and hung out with Dawn's family and went to a wedding on Saturday.... my first weekend day off since the middle of December. It was the last wedding that Dawn and I will be at until ours at the end of we really had to cut the rug and get our dance moves fine-tuned. It was an absolute blast... I hardly ever dance, but I got a lot of compliments so maybe I will bust a move a little more often.

It looks like the upcoming week is going to be pretty wet. We will see the chance for scattered showers and storms every single day except on Thursday. Temperatures will max out in the beginning of the week near or better than 70, but only getting into the lower 60's for the end of the week. Right now we don't have a great shot of severe weather, but some of the storms Tuesday into Wednesday could be interesting. Get that rain gear ready and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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