Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heat returning/Wedding planning

Get ready for the heat to return, it will feel like the mid 90's this week with all the humidity only making things worse. Rain will roll into the are later Friday and overnight, and as of right now, the rain will start letting up early Saturday morning.  The models are showing the rain stopping just in time to get the air show started on Saturday, which is great news. Lower humidity will be a welcome sign for the air show as well for both days and Sunday more sunshine and then once again, we will heat up next week with more rain on the way.

Well planning the wedding has been a whole lot of fun.  We officially got the date booked for the wedding and reception.  The hardest part was the date, mainly because we are going to be having an outdoor wedding at Ohio State, where we met.  Also, with work I can say goodbye to almost anything in May or July because it those are "Sweeps" months. We really couldn't do it in June either because with all of the severe weather we see; it is basically an unwritten rule for Jeff, Mike and I that we didn't want to be understaffed for severe weather.  So since July sweeps are over the 28th, we took the first weekend after, plus it holds sentimental value as well.  Oddly enough the two venues we were trying to get anyways only were BOTH available on that date.  I am also looking forward to the reception, the food is amazing!!    Anyway, the date and venues are solved, so now it is on to photographers and music, since those book up fast, especially photographers.  I know Dawn is VERY picky about what kind of photos she likes, so I will be along for the ride and I will over very little suggestions.  If there is one thing she is very adamant about, its the style of pictures.... Everything else she is pretty laid back because the photos will be there forever and she wants to make sure it is captured in a specific way.... My idea of disposable cameras for the guests was shunned....  Well at least ONLY disposable, just kidding, I know full well that would have been a bad idea.... Anyway, the biggest hurdle is done.... Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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