Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buck and Bryant's Moped Adventure

Buck and Bryant's Moped Adventure
Well it happens that tomorrow is my day off; as well as Friday and Saturday(vacation day).  It also happens that it is the start of a five day party that my grandparents are having at Hueston Woods State Park.  We have family flying in from all corners of the country for their 50th wedding anniversary.  Anyways I am also going to a wedding on Saturday in Chicago, and have a TON of stuff to do before I even think about Saturday.  So I have been wanting to take my mopeds on a long trip.  I mapped out the trip from my house to Hueston Woods, and it will be a 65 mile round trip journey.  Once my brother, Bryant, arrives from Columbus after a morning test at Ohio State, we will be on our way through the rolling hills and countryside of Ohio.  The only bad part is that we are doing this trip when it is going to be 90 degrees, but after you factor in the humidity, it will feel close to 100....sound like fun?  I think so!!! 

It should be a fun ride along the farmland of Ohio.  I know one part is an unpaved road, so that should be interesting, but it runs along the riverbed and will be a shortcut.  Hills are a little bit of a concern considering we have to dip down into about three river valleys, but I am taking the mopeds that are geared a little more for torque.  Hopefully no major hick-ups along the way, but I will be taking my tools, as always.

So we got that planned for tomorrow, Friday it looks to be rainy so I will be getting stuff done around the house and getting ready for the wedding in Chicago.  Once Dawn gets off work Friday night we are heading over to see the family for a few hours at the state park because she hasn't met ALL of my mom's side of the family.  Saturday leave early for the wedding, then leave super early (7AM) Sunday to make it back in time to do the weather..... Should be an action packed next 96 hours....  I am a little sad to miss the airshow this year, but maybe when I drive back in on Sunday I can catch an act or two from the highway.... Stay cool and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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