Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back in Ohio

It is nice to finally be back home, even though Dawn and I were only gone about 24 hours.  We went to Chicago for a wedding, well actually it was Itasca, a suburb.  The wedding ceremony was gorgeous and the reception was breath-taking.... Now that Dawn and I are planning our own wedding it was very fun to see what Andrew(my roommate from college) and his wife Erin did.  Everything matched perfectly, and the food was so delicious.... I will have to admit, my favorite was the lemon sorbet.  I ended up eating Dawn's as well because she was starting to get full, but trust me, I didn't complain.  I always get the lemon freezes at the Reds games; they are soooo good.  Anyway, the entire evening went off without a flaw.... well no, I take that back... We told the DJ the story of Andrew when we were roommates:  Andrew used to sing, loudly, Beast of Burden about three times a day on average and would tell myself and my other roommates, Kacy and Christian, that he was going to sing it at our weddings. So we told the DJ that we wanted to sing it at his wedding since none of us were married yet.  He acted like he was game, but I think he thought it would ruin his reputation.... so he didn't play it.  Other than that, it was a very beautiful wedding and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.  I know Andrew and her are perfect... I think on my external hard drive I have the video of him singing a love song to Erin many years ago when we were in college.  I was the only one with a webcam and editing software and I still believe it would be buried in a digital file somewhere....

But we are back and let me tell you one thing, to avoid traffic problems in Chicago, either hit it late-late at night, or super early in the morning.  We hit some rough traffic heading in around noon, but when we left around 7AM, not a problem at all.... It is also nice that it only about five hours away.... We may be making more trips up there soon.

Well I got a fun week ahead.  I am obviously in doing the weather tonight.  I got Monday off, then return to work EARLY Tuesday to anchor the morning news with Malcom.  Mike will be doing the weather.  I will be off then Wednesday and then returning Thursday and Friday to do morning weather AND co-anchoring the news with Pete. Then back in Saturday night to do the weather.  And since I will have Friday night off, I think Dawn and I will go out to the movies and have a date night, which we haven't done really in several months. Get ready for a fun-filled week!

Speaking of this week, we got a chance for rain every single day, although not a great shot each day, a pop-up shower or storm cannot be ruled out.  Also, it's going to be very hot, upper 80's if not 90 this week, so stay cool, stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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