Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Football Season is Almost Here...

So Sunday I woke up in bed and it was pouring down rain.  It was cooler than the last few days and the combination of the two just made it feel like fall was here.  I took a few seconds to lay there and rest and it just felt like the Browns were going to be on TV later in the day.  You may wonder "Browns!?!?!"  No worries, I will explain....

I have grown up here, in the Miami Valley, my entire life and we are geographically closer to Cincinnati, and as a matter of fact my mother is from Cincinnati.  However, my dad, who as long as I could remember, would root for the Browns and I fall in love with their excitement every game but ultimate sadness and overall defeat every year.  My mothers side of the family ridiculed my father, myself, and my three brothers at all of the family get-togethers, but through the torment we never even thought about budging from our loyalty.  I even remember after a surprising Browns win, back as a kid, my mother was bringing us back from Cincinnati(visiting her family), my father stayed home working on the farm....  Anyways, we were pulling into the driveway late in the evening and we knew the Browns upset the other team, when my mom opened the garage door, out of a box on the ground, mounted on the garage door, my dad's only Browns shirt at the time, came rising up.... Ask a kid it was awesome to see and all of us boys were excited because he taped the game on VHS, so all of us watched the game later that evening.

So as you can see, football was a huge part of our lives as kids.  During second grade my dad didn't know that it was picture day at school and he sent me to school wearing Cleveland Browns sweatpants and matching sweatshirt.  He went to Purdue and wanted me to go there, but I felt my heart was in Columbus with Ohio State after visiting it the very first time.  So between the Buckeyes as an Ohio State Alumni, and the Browns, my weekends are pretty much booked through the fall....(not to mention doing weekend weather).  But last Sunday I just wanted to wake up and turn on the pregame show and sit there in my Josh Cribbs jersey and watch the pigskin getting thrown around. 

The best part about early fall is the hopes are still alive for any team.  You never know what team is going all the way.  Sure you might have hopes, ambitions, and inklings, but it is always so much fun the first 6-8 weeks when it is anyone's game.  Teams are still working through their playbook and players to see what is the best match-ups and scenarios.  What a great American tradition!

Now my own personal thoughts on the upcoming season???  Well I still am in shock that the Bengals signed T.O.  I hate to say it, but I think they are going to be a hard team to beat due to their different weapons.  I think the Ravens will be decent, but nothing great, same for the Steelers, but they will be a little better.  Browns: Superbowl Champs!  Haha, no I think if we end up 8-8 this season we will be lucky.  I have faith that next year we will be solid contenders once the management has all the joints and bearings greased and we are running a solid football machine, but as for this year, I think the division will go to the Bengals.  Well I gotta get going, just thought I would share my thoughts on this years football season.  Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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