Saturday, July 3, 2010

Knee High by the Fourth of July?

Well if you are a farmer, or know anyone that is, you probably have heard this saying.  Well this is honestly the first time I remember the corn actually tasseling before the Fourth of July.  The saying normally is meant that the farmers' corn crop has reached about 2 feet tall, but here in Ohio we are normally above the curve.  This years heat and abundant spring rain has helped the corn crop along far more than in recent years.  As long as we continue seeing adequate rain, we should have a huge bumper crop(larger than average yield).  While many people thing that is a great thing, it actually means the price per bushel will drop and farmers will not get as much money per each wagon full of corn.

On to the forecast, we will continue seeing the humidity climb and stay muggy through the next week.  Temperatures will be flirting with 90 for the next week and the humidity will make it feel like the mid 90's.  With all the heat and humidity, pop-up afternoon showers and storms cannot be ruled out.  It appears we will be in this pattern for quite some time, so get that grassed mowed now, before the heat really sets in. Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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