Friday, July 9, 2010

Some say I am crazy....

And I am sure my neighbors would agree today...  If you were awake anytime this morning, you knew it was raining, and raining a lot.  I had always wondered.... why not just grab a towel, soap, take off your shirt, and just have a good ole time washing the truck?  If you think about it, you use the most water trying to rinse off the suds on the truck... So in the middle of the downpour(no lightning) I did just that.... It was quite a interesting experience because I was wearing my glasses, which got water all over the lenses, and by the time I came inside I was soaked to the bone, I had to put the clothes in the washing machine immediately along with a few other items and wash them since they were so wet.  Even a "warm" shower felt hot after the chilly rain, and let me tell you, after the heat wave we have seen the last week, it felt GREAT!!!!  I will note that next time I plan on turning on some tunes from the garage to keep me a little more entertained, because for the 10-15 minutes all I did was laugh at how silly I probably looked out there in the pouring rain washing my truck.... but ya know what? It sure is purrrrty! 

Yea, call me crazy.... speaking of craziness.... I am heading up to Country Concert later today, and I will be live for all of the evenings shows, so if you can't go, watch for me, and if you are going, make sure to say Howdy!  Enjoy the beautiful weather for the weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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