Saturday, July 24, 2010

If ya can't stand the heat....

Then reading my blog in an air-conditioned room is a good start!  Boy, what a BUSY week.  I was off Monday(did a lot of house cleaning and laundry), then anchored the morning news Tuesday with Malcom, off Wednesday(worked on my mopeds), then morning weather and morning news anchor Thursday and Friday.... and let me tell you, I barely had time to sit still.... which woulda been nice considering by the time you factored in the humidity it has felt over 100 degrees the past few afternoons.  After work on Friday I finished installing new tires on my mopeds, which isn't super strenuous.  However, just the minor work I was doing, was enough for me to sweat more than I think I ever have in my life.  It was just running down my face, back, arms....everywhere.... nasty I know, but who doesn't sweat, let's be honest.

We do have good news on the way though, cooler weather starting tomorrow.  A cold front is going to push through tonight with scattered storms, and then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be cooler with lower humidity.  Monday looks to be the best of all the days before the humidity slowly starts climbing once again.  More rain on Wednesday before things cool off, slightly.

Well we are getting the big stuff finalized for the wedding.... got the venues for the wedding and reception done, we found a photographer that we are really excited to have, and we are pretty certain what DJ we want as well.  Next up for the planning will be the cake, hotel for guests to stay at and then start looking into invites, etc.  Well enjoy the cooler weather.... you can find me on my moped Monday and Tuesday, my days off.... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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