Monday, April 19, 2010


So it seems with the grass so green and always needing cut (I had to cut mine today), you would think that winter was half a world away, or at least close to that far away..... So I went back and took a look at my blogs from exactly two months ago..... At that time we were preparing for another round of snow that would keep everyone pinned inside until law enforcement told us we could come back out.  I know it would be great to live in Florida or California where some parts never have to work about snow or cold temps, but to be honest that would get pretty boring.  At least here in Ohio we have to be on-guard for what may be coming around the corner because the weather never stays the same for more than a minute.  Just thought I would do a little reminiscing, and hopefully you did too....  I know I am very happy not to be wearing winter coats anymore.  Have a good one and hopefully I will have a few pictures later tomorrow of my weather talk to second graders at Tri-Village Schools.

Andrew Buck Michael

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