Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great wx for golf!

So since I will be moving closer to Dayton in the coming months, I am excited that there will be more options for golfing.... and no, its not just cause the Masters is on and Tiger is playing about as good as I do, but just because living so far up north, there weren't as many links to go to in a short drive.  I am excited to try out new places I haven't played before, and the fact that many of my friends from work and school are closer, it will be a lot easier meeting up with them to play.

I still haven't had time this year, been pretty busy (currently day 11 of 14 straight) and with the extra hassle of moving, it seems there hasn't been enough extra time.  Once I move though, it will save me about 90 minutes a day of just driving.  Add that up for a week and that means plenty of time to get a few rounds in a week.  My time may be limited in the coming week, but with the weather as nice as it looks... I may just have to clean the dust off my clubs and hit a few hole-in-ones.... err, I mean bogeys.... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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