Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mopeds and School Talks

Well this morning Dawn stayed home from work because she wasn't feeling well.  I had already arranged to meet someone to buy a few mopeds in Richmond and also had a school talk scheduled at Tri-Village with MY seventh grade teacher at Arcanum, but now teaches second grade.  Anyways, it takes quite a while to make the trip from Sidney to the southwest side of Richmond, close to 90 minutes today.  The mopeds turn out to be in less than great shape, but I am always up for a challenge.(I love finding old mopeds and restoring them to life.)  I had to leave at about half past 9 this morning to make it to Richmond and then headed back to Darke County.  I left plenty of time between the mopeds and the school talk, so I tried stopping by Fort Black(where I worked in high school) to get lunch.  Unfortunately it turned out that it was closed so I stopped by my parents before the school talk, but they were working, so I had to scrounge up what I could for lunch..... (they eat all organic food, so most of it takes a little longer to make than normal)  I took a homemade bread roll, homemade cheese, home-canned banana peppers and onions and made a little melted sandwich in the oven...  turned out alright, but was an interesting combination to say the least.... coulda used a little meat.

Anyways, I finished that and took off to New Madison for the school talk.  The kids ended up being a lot of fun and had lots of questions.... For some reason the questions end up asking my age or whether I am married or not.... Never fail.   Anyways, hopefully they took away some safety tips on where to head when the weather takes a nasty turn. 

Then I went back to my parents, rode one of the new mopeds a little, visited with my sister, brother, and parents when they got home, then took off for Sidney to take care of Dawn.... It turns out she was sicker than what I thought(she went to urgent care in the afternoon)... pretty bad sinus infection.... She helped a little with dinner by cutting up the chicken and then I told her to rest while I made chicken and vegetable skewers on the grill and also beer battered onion rings inside....from scratch.  Dinner turned out delicious, and just been trying to take care of her since.  Getting ready to head to bed, but just wanted to check-in..... Oh yea, had a Double Down yesterday.... not to bad.... could have been a little bigger...just two chicken strips with a little cheese and bacon in the middle.... but pretty good regardless....  (Oh yea, Mrs. Bietry took some pictures of the school talk, so I will post them when she emails them to me.)  Have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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