Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off the trail....

So yesterday I told you about Tawawa Park in Sidney.... Well today curiosity got the best of me and I decided to explore... I mean there are like 200 acres so why not...  I turned on my iPod and took "Benjamin Trail" that followed the slow stream through the park....  It was a trail that fell about 6 inches from the water and ran about 1.5 miles into the wilderness.... I reached the end and was disappointed it didn't go any further.  It ended in this S shaped curve in the natural stream that fed into the man-made park slow stream.  Someone was on a mountain bike and I didnt want to disturb them so I walked down to the stream and grabbed a handful of water and threw it into my hair and pulled my hair back.  As sad as I was to end it was nice to reach a middle point..... but.... wait a trail was across the water?!?!? 

So yes, I wore my bad shoes, so I figured... lets live a little, so I pulled my car keys and iPod above my shoulders and ran across the water to the other trail which I followed upstream about a half a mile.  I finally realized the trail ended up on a rock beach and I needed to get back.  I found a low rapidy part of the stream and I ran across, again, and ran along the shore.  I quickly sunk into about half a foot of mud and decided to head inland a little more.  I found a beaten trail back to the S curve in the steam with the mountain biker and an artist who was capturing the quiet isolated part of the wilderness.  I ran into the stream a third time to get the mud off my shoes and legs and then ran, slowly, back to the front of the park, where I finally found a drinking fountain and collapsed in my truck.

Today was a warm one, but rain on the way Friday with cooler temps following for the weekend and for the beginning of next week.  I will be doing the morning weather Friday before heading to Columbus for the Severe Weather Symposium at Ohio State.....keep updated with the forecast for the chance of frost.

Andrew Buck Michael

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