Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Candy

With the holidays you always remember different memories, but with Easter comes a whole on-rush of sugar.... It was almost like Christmas morning with one of my younger siblings waking up WAY too early and then hunting for our Easter baskets of candy and eggs before heading to Sunrise Service at church (not to mention eating about half of the candy even before the sun came up).  But the one thing that has stayed constant and probably is my favorite is my grandmother's house.  We always go to her house in Arcanum in Darke County on Easter for one of the best meals of the year,(Christmas and Thanksgiving there as well) but the only candy we got there was taped to our Easter card: a Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.  MAN!!!  Those things are the best!!  Smooth peanut butter coated in a thin layer of creamy milk chocolate....  We only got one of those every Easter and they were the highlight of all the sweets, maybe we just cherished it more because it wasn't a whole basket of sugar.

I can remember all of this pretty well, but the one thing I can't remember is if we were aloud to eat it before our dinner or after.... Anyways, I guess I will be refreshed by this time tomorrow.  Have a good one and Happy Easter everyone!

Andrew Buck Michael

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