Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Weather Discovery!!

So today was my first day off(finished the 14 day stretch) and I couldn't has asked for better weather.  I hope you all were able to get out there and enjoy it as well... 

I have been wanting to try out Tawawa Park here in Sidney.  I have been to the front of the park a few times, but never "into" the park.  For anyone who may not understand what I mean, or never been there I can tell you this..... By car, you can only see about 5% of the park.  Plenty of parking is available, but vehicles can only go so far into the park before "Motorized Vehicles Prohibited" signs are posted. From there the main pavement trail goes an entire mile straight back, and on each side there are huge hills, shelters, playgrounds, open grassy areas, and other trails that branch off.  Nearly 200 aches, the park is just begging for someone to take the challenge to see it all.  One of the coolest parts of the park is that they have a very slow moving stream that feeds from the Miami River.  The slow moving stream feeds from one pond to another to another to another, then finally at the end (actually the front of the park) it feeds into a waterfall to find its way back to the river.  I am planning on heading back on a regular basis to run on the mulch/dirt trails that follow the stream through the park.... very open and super maintained! If you are ever in the area, or happen to need a place to have a family gathering.... this is the place (saw about 20 shelters with picnic tables)

Just thought I would share the gem I found today....

Andrew Buck Michael

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