Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Importance of Trained Weather Spotters...

As added information to start this blog I want to let everyone know that the NWS, National Weather Service, who issues the severe thunderstorm warnings has bumped up their criteria for T'storm warnings.  It has went from 3/4" hail or 58 mph winds to 1" hail or 58 mph winds to cut down on the number of warnings so the public isn't "washed out" with warnings and take them more seriously.....

On Monday night strong storms roared through the Miami Valley with an intense amount of lightning, with one especially strong storm moving through Montgomery County.  Several calls were made to the weather center here asking why there wasn't a Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued by the NWS.  The reason is that the NWS in Wilmington knew the storm was strong on the radar, but no hail was being reported up to the 1" size yet.  Then at 8:20PM local law enforcement called in reporting 1" hail just North of Downtown Dayton.  By 8:23PM the NWS issued the Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Montgomery County and also for Miami and Clark Counties, which was where the storm was heading. 

While viewing the radar, we can see that the storm is intense and can assume hail is in the storm, but technology still isn't able to tell exactly how large hail is or if there is a tornado on the ground, which is why trained storm spotters are such a HUGE part of the NWS.  They are literally the eyes and ears on the ground while the NWS meteorologists are monitoring what is happening up higher in the atmosphere, the balance between the two is the perfect mix, and without one or the other, the system wouldn't work as smoothly and efficiently to issue warnings to save lives.

The good news.... no severe weather for at least a week, just bundle up for Thursday and Friday as it will be cold with a few light showers.  Then the weekend is looking much better with sunshine and slowly warming through next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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