Sunday, April 4, 2010

"And This One Belongs To The Reds!!!"

Well we are only 15 hours away from the first pitch at Great American Ballpark.  Growing up I remember working on the farm as a kid and my Great Uncle Em would come buy and he always had the Reds playing on his radio in his truck.  I even remember asking him why he liked listening to the game so much and he said I would understand when I got older.... I also remember my dad buying a brand new broom to mount on our mailbox for a week after the 1990 World Series.... But to be honest, I never truly became a Reds fan until I went to my first game at Cinergy Field a few years later....

Now I will admit it isn't easy being a Reds fan sometimes, especially after the all-star break, but as with almost any professional sports team here in Ohio....we seem to have some sort of a curse...  Unfortunately I will not be able to go to Opening Day this year because I will be in the weather center watching it on a 13 inch monitor getting the forecast ready, but I got a feeling that this season will be a little different.  I feel that we might have the right mixtures in place to make this year count, pending the one thing that always "injures" us: injuries.  As long as we stay healthy, I think the Reds can do it....So put on your rally caps for now because hopefully we will do something this year that we haven't done in 20 years.....

Have a good one and Go Reds!

Andrew Buck Michael

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