Monday, February 3, 2020

Hills, hills, hills... Winter weather returning this week!

As mentioned in my last blog, my next race is a vertical mile race, on trails.  So I have been doing lots of trails and hills.  The photo above is from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  A few stream crossings to wake up your legs! Love running up there!
This past week involved me smashing hills around Columbus.  I ran hill repeats at Griggs Dam on Tuesday then Friday I went out to Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.  I was able to run for about an hour on Tuesday while the kids napped and then an hour on Friday while Summer was in preschool.  I was able to get about 4000 feet of vertical gain the past week.  So getting my legs prepared for the hills as best as possible considering it is so flat around here.  The race will involve me running a 3.5 mile loop with 1000 feet of vertical each loop with the ups and downs of the Mohican wilderness.  5 loops total for the fun.
Then my weekend long run was with the Columbus Westside Running Club.  Almost no vertical gain on this run... 2 hours with only 200 feet of gain.  So flat!  Great group for our Saturday morning run.
My parents had the kids this weekend so Dawn could have a date night.  We had a lot of fun with just the two of us, but we really missed the kids.
What a beautiful Sunday!  Sunshine made a triumphant return and we topped out at 61°F for the day, on Sunday.  Today we will start out with sunshine and temps in the mid 30s and we will warm to near 60 again, but clouds will be on the increase later today.  We will stay dry today with the mild temps.  Enjoy it!  Today is the nicest day on the extended forecast. 

Tonight we will stay mild with cloudy skies and overnight low temps in the lower 50s.  Rain showers will arrive after midnight.  Rain showers will stick around for Tuesday for Central Ohio with high temps in the mid 50s.  So a mild, but wet Tuesday for Central Ohio.  A cold front will move through in the afternoon and temps will start falling.  By Tuesday evening we could see the rain transition over to some sleet and even snow mixing in overnight Tuesday night.  Wednesday will be colder with high temps in the mid 30s and potentially some slick spots in the morning as the wintry mix starts to leave.  Mostly cloudy during the day on Wednesday, with more sun to the north.  Another round of wintry mix will move in late Wednesday into Thursday.  More rain/ice/snow possible on Thursday.  The type of precip on Thursday will be determined by our temperatures.  A couple models are showing a push of warm air so we get into more rain, but other projections are colder, so more ice and snow.   All models showing colder temps by Friday with some snow showers and then scattered snow showers Saturday as well.  Highs will likely be in the 30s for Friday and the weekend.  Have  a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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