Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Trail time, #BroomChallenge, and snow returning... for some of us.

Ran some trails near my neighborhood yesterday.  I don't take advantage of the nearby trails enough.  There isn't much distance, but it is a real treasure.  I could just keep doing loops because each loop is only about a quarter of a mile.  
I did debunk the broom challenge that was happening yesterday.  The center of gravity is low enough to balance the broom.  Lots of posts talking about the earth's tilt, but the earth's tilt is always 23.5°.  Social media getting the best of us.  You can also do this with 12oz. aluminum cans.  No one would buy me a beer at work to show this.
I did have some fun and balanced a yacht on-air this morning using our augmented reality though. HAHA!
More clouds today and temps staying chilly. We have a low pressure system passing by to our south. With morning temps in the low-mid 30s, a light wintry mix possible this morning to the south then mostly cloudy for the rest of the day with highs around 40.  Mostly cloudy and dry tonight with lows in the upper 20s. 
We start Wednesday dry then snow/mix moving in from the south in the afternoon and it will continue lifting north and temps will continue warming.  We will transition from snow to the wintry mix to rain for Central and Southern Ohio.  Northern Ohio is expected to stay cold enough for up to a few inches of snow and even more for far Northern Ohio.  Little to no snow accumulation Wednesday night for Central and Southern Ohio because we should stay just warm enough that it stays rain.  If temps cool down then it would shift the snow accumulation into Central Ohio, so be sure to check back in with the forecast.  Most of precip will fall overnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning.
Colder air moves in on Thursday with some lingering lighter scattered rain/snow showers.  Snow mainly stays north again. Even colder air arrives Thursday night into Friday with flurries for the entire area and a dusting possible.  High temps only in the mid 20s on Friday with partly cloudy skies and the flurries. The weekend is looking drier for Central Ohio with warming temps.  We will be partly cloudy on Saturday with high temps in the upper 30s.  Mid 40s return on Sunday with a very slight chance of showers.  Better chance of rain returns later on Monday as temps approach 50.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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