Thursday, August 30, 2018

I love Google Photos... here is why...

So I obviously have to be up early for work.  So I miss out on the evening and the early morning shenanigans at home.  But Dawn and I backup all of our photos on Google with our accounts, so I can see photos from her phone and she can see mine.  So this was from Saturday night when we went to a friend's wedding reception.  
Or how about Summer and Evan hanging out on the couch.  Summer has been a fantastic big sister and so helpful.  I wish I could be around for moments like this, but at least I can see what I am missing.
While I don't THINK he knows that he is smiling here... Evan has been making so many facial expressions and I am just trying to enjoy these young months as much as possible. This was also from here phone.  
As for me... It has been busy lately with some close friends and family visiting lately, so I have had to skip afternoon naps and it's been too hot to run, so I made a few early morning runs before work.  Summer is also starting preschool next week, so we have been busy with orientation and open house with that.  Hard to believe she is getting that old already...  

In other news... I am participating in the Labor Day sale on Etsy, so if anyone is interested in saving some money... stop by my Etsy store.  Just go to
Goodbye 90s! We can safely say that today we will not reach the 90s in Central Ohio because a cold front is passing through early this morning. The front, currently draped along I-71 from Cleveland to Cincinnati, will slowly move toward the Ohio River in SE Ohio for midday today and eventually push farther to the SE. Low Pressure along that front, currently in Western Kentucky, will slide up that front and pass by to our south. With the Low so close and the front still moving though, we are going to keep a low chance of some isolated showers today with the best chance for Southern Ohio. Clouds will slowly clear through the day with more sun by the evening along with cooler temps today and highs near 80. We will still stay a tad humid today and tomorrow then getting more humid this weekend. Tonight the clouds will clear out, but patchy fog will likely form overnight & for Friday morning. Partly cloudy Friday and comfortable with highs back in the lower-mid 80s. Then we get to your Labor Day weekend... There will be some spotty rain trying to pop up, but it will only be about a 30% chance of rain for each day. So I wouldn't cancel outdoor plans, but make sure that you are prepared in case you get caught in one of these isolated showers. Temperatures will continue to warm up from the mid to upper 80s through the extended weekend. Long term forecast models continue warming us to near 90 by the middle of next week with the chance of rain still very low. A better chance of rain returns later next week and that should help start cooling us down a little. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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