Saturday, August 11, 2018

Evan Joseph Michael, welcome to the world!

It's a boy!!!  Welcome to the world Evan Joseph Michael!

Here is Dawn and I before leaving for the hospital Thursday evening. Evan was a bit of a stinker during labor!  We got him out just fine, but it was a bit of a rough go overnight.  Since Dawn was full 40 weeks and gestational diabetic, the doctor decided to induce at 40 weeks and during the induction Evan flipped from his head down to now with his back down. We tried doing different positions for a few hours, but the doc came in at 3 AM to try to flip the baby back to the head down.  It worked! Evan was born at 11:59AM on Friday, August, 10th.
In the delivery room it was me and Dawn's mom there to help move the process along and help with the coaching.
My parents had Summer and she was a little unsure about what was going on at first, despite us preparing her the last few weeks.  But she finally got it and she kept saying "Evan, Evan, Evan."
Here is a quick family photo with all four of us.  Dawn was a champ!  This was only about three hours after birth.  Rock star!
Marcus is also back from Europe and he came up with my parents.  My mom said that Marcus really loved spending time with Summer.  Now Marcus can do more of that and also with Evan.  So happy to have Marcus home again... for however long that is. But anyway... my heard is overjoyed and Dawn and I got a decent amount of sleep at the hospital and I think we will have one more night here.  Summer will have fun with Dawn's parents and brother staying at our house for tonight.  I will be taking two weeks off, but I promise to do some updates on here.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. What a beautiful family! Congrats, Buck, we need pictures, don't want to miss a minute of the littlest Michael growing up!!!!


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