Monday, August 6, 2018

Baby #2 is coming this week!

So I want to make a promise... I will get into a better habit of updating this! Instead of one or two big entries a week, I would love to get back in the habit of updating my blog daily.  Especially with the changes about to come with the family.  I want to make sure I document all the memories our family is about to have from going to the three of us to four of us!  More on that shortly! The weather team was the grand marshals for the Ohio State Fair.  Lots of fun out there!
I surprised Dawn with tickets to go see En Vogue and TLC at the Ohio State fair for an anniversary gift.  Last Monday we celebrated our 7th year of being married.  
With baby #2 on the way this week I have been spending a lot of time with Summer and just enjoying being a kid.  Grass is a little fried from the lack of rain, but the flowers are still holding on!
Summer and I had fun in the backyard making s'mores and camping out. 
Such a fun time!  She did NOT want to fall asleep.  She wanted to talk and keep checking on the fire to see if it would come back awake.  But it kept sleeping when she checked on it.
We woke up bright and early for a run with my buddy Maclin.  My running will be cut back big time soon.
The garden has been "off" this year.  The heat in May and June caused most of the vegetables to push hard and not get big.  So I was able to make a little salsa, but not as much as last year. 
This photo is from Saturday.  Our cousin made the Centerville soccer team and they were scrimmaging Dublin, so we went to watch.  It was HOT! Dawn was a champ for sitting out in the eat and being 39+ weeks pregnant. But we had fun watching Jake... So more on the baby on the way...

Dawn is due Friday with baby #2.  She has gestational diabetes (again), which can often lead to big babies and our doctor wants to induce this week because of that and the fact that this pregnancy has been harder on Dawn.  Plus big babies are on my side of the family... I was the first of my four siblings at 9 lb. 9 oz and the smallest...  Dawn has been a trooper and Summer and I have been helping as much as possible with her.  So unless the baby comes early, then we are inducing on Thursday night and likely have the baby on Friday, which is the due date. Not sure of the gender yet, but we are pretty sure on the names for both genders. We are beyond the moon excited to expand our small family, but it was a little sad this weekend thinking that it would be the end of just the three of us.  Excited for the next chapter!  I will be sure to update the blog this week with any updates and also have more photos once the baby is born.
Maybe not the best timing, with a baby on the way... but in the past few weeks I officially started a new business.  I have been making my own balm to style my hair for the past few years.  I have been giving it to my coworkers to test out and get feedback and they have been telling me to sell it because they think it is so great.  So I finally got all the paperwork in order to start selling it.  It is all natural with organic and as-many-as-possible locally sourced ingredients like beeswax from Honeyrun Farms in Pickaway County.  No chemicals... just pure ingredients to use to style your hair or on your skin as a moisturizer.  You just scrape a small amount of it with your fingernail, rub it between your fingers to warm it up, then apply how you like... and a little goes along way!
I have four scents.  The first is Unsceneted, which still has a slight hint of shea butter and beeswax, but you have to have a nose like a bloodhound to smell that.  I also have a Clean version that has a light scent of lavender.  Mint and Forest are pretty straight forward.  Forest is my favorite.
I spent Sunday stocking up my inventory.  If none of them sell, then I will be set for decades! Each one normally lasts me about 3 to 4 months, so it really does not take much product to get my hair set.
If you are inclined to try it out, you can buy it at the craft store in Hilliard called The Burlap Sunflower.  I also have a shop on Etsy and can ship it anywhere across the country.
Here is a link to get to my store:

If you want to check out the social media accounts, here they are:
The heat will stick around for one more day then rain will help cool us off. Today we will top out near 90 again, just like the last couple of days. There is a slight chance for some pop-up isolated showers or storms this afternoon, but most of us will remain dry, other than sweating in the heat and high humidity. On and off rain on the way starting late tonight through the next couple days. The models are indicating the first push of rain will be during the early morning hours Tuesday then mostly cloudy and another round of scattered showers and storms in the afternoon and evening Tuesday. So have the rain gear handy for your Tuesday and then again on Wednesday with more scattered showers and storms. The rain takes a brief break on Thursday then more isolated showers and storms return Friday and for the weekend with highs staying in the mid-lower 80s.

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  1. Can't wait to see the baby, and summer is adorable :) Keep us updated on Dawn and baby


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