Thursday, August 9, 2018

Our final full day with Summer, gift from a friend

Man... The emotions are high at our house! With my crazy schedule working the overnight/early morning shift I go to bed by around 7PM and get home from work around 10AM.  We have been lucky to avoid daycare because Dawn watches Summer while I am sleeping or gone, then I take over when I get home.  So Dawn spends a couple hours every morning with Summer before Dawn starts work then gets to spend the evenings with Summer and does the night time routines.  Those two have been best buddies the last three years and two months.  Well it has been hitting Dawn that it will no longer be just the two of them since we are inducing this evening.  Lots of tears mix of sadness and happiness the last few days and especially yesterday. 

So in the photo above, Summer was opening up a gift form a good friend and viewer, Cathy.  Cathy knitted Summer a blanket, and a couple hats, when she was a baby and Cathy also knitted a new blanket for the next baby.  Cathy is a sweetheart!  She also got Summer this cat and Summer LOVED it!
It also was International Cat Day. We picked up the toys yesterday, with family coming to town, and the only toy she didn't want to put away was her new cat. 
I mowed the grass during her nap and then went out for my final run before the baby arrives.  Easy 3 miles around the neighborhood.  I have not ran in a week because I have an inflamed nerve in the front ball of my left foot.  Felt good to get a good sweat on, yesterday.
Today will be the pick day of the extended forecast to enjoy outside! We will be warm today with high temps in the mid 80s and a tad humid. We will start out with some patchy fog in the morning then sun followed by a few building clouds later in the day. There will be a push of some showers late in the day from the north, but as it moves in it will slowly dissipate, but there is a slight chance for rain late and mainly north.

Friday and for the weekend... and on... Get ready for a typical humid summer pattern. We will stay warm overnights with low temps in the upper 60s and afternoon high temps in the mid-lower 80s. We will be humid enough and warm enough for some pop-up isolated showers and storms possible each afternoon and early evening. I would not cancel outdoor plans, but be sure to have a backup plan in case one of the isolated showers and storms pop-up where you will be. This pattern will continue into early next week as well and then sticking around a while. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

I plan on doing a post here once the baby arrives.  So be sure to check back in, in the coming days.

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