Thursday, April 7, 2016

Heads Up Dayton-peeps... I'm coming back!

It was back in early February 2013 that I went back to WKEF/WRGT to fill in.  The meteorologists were VERY sick so I had to fill in and they are short staffed now, so I will be filling in this Saturday evening.  My mom was pretty excited to hear that she can watch me on TV this weekend.  I am sure my dad and his mom will be pretty excited as well.  So Dayton peeps... see ya Saturday! 
Yesterday Summer took a long nap... and just like an old married couple, Dawn and I were reading books in bed.  Hilarious.  Our friend Luke made fun of us Monday when we were all at dinner.  Dawn and I were talking about where we got gas because we have fuel points we need to use.  We all had a good laugh talking about how "grown up" we are now.
BUT! To redeem my kid-ness... I had a hot dog for breakfast.  Well... I had to tape a segment for later in the morning and eat my hot dog.  Melted cheese, diced jalapenos & sour cream.... YUM!
Grab the good jacket or coat because cooler weather is back! Highs in the mid 40s today and Friday; then mid 30s for the high on Saturday! Today on and off rain showers for Central Ohio and as temperatures fall this evening we will see some snow trying to mix in. Friday will be mostly cloudy and chilly with more rain arriving later in the day with more snow possibly mixing in late Friday night. Near record breaking cold temps expected for Saturday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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