Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sooo... I got a little dirty yesterday. Plus more storms on the way.

Dawn was worried she had pink eye yesterday so Summer and I drove her to the Minute Clinic.  Summer and I had some fun times in the car making funny faces.  I posted the above photo to my work Instagram page.  Look me up on there: instagram.com/AndrewWSYX6.  Summer fell asleep about 30 seconds after this. Dawn only had a bad eye allergy and luckily no pink eye.
When we got home I spent about six hours finishing work on the patio.  I finished with the patio pavers then tore up and leveled the walkway pavers.  Then ripped out the edger pavers and leveled those... then mulched.
And yes... I was a mess by the time I was finished.  BUT... All I have to do today is plant flowers, mow and then enjoy for the rest of the Spring/Summer/Fall!  
It was a pretty active morning with storms rolling through, but nothing turned severe, thankfully.
Scattered showers and storms on the way for today. This morning we are tracking a band of showers and storms in Northern Ohio that will progress down toward Central Ohio for the early morning hours. This line will likely fizzle out shortly after daybreak and we will see a brief dry period for the middle part of the day then more showers and storms will fire back up for the afternoon for Central Ohio. These showers and storms will move south and pick up in intensity.
Southern Ohio is in the Marginal Risk of severe storms, per the Storm Prediction Center. The rain will move and stay south overnight and we will start Wednesday dry in Central Ohio. More showers and storms will move in later Wednesday and scattered showers and storms likely Thursday. We dry out for a couple of days for Friday and Saturday then more rain expected by Sunday. Temperatures will be warm today with highs in the mid 70s and a little humid, but we cool to the mid-upper 60s for highs the rest of the extended forecast. Have a good one!

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