Monday, April 11, 2016

Warm & wet today, but wait til you see what's coming!

I forgot to post this photo in my blog from the other night.  They still had a photo of me in the studio in Dayton.  They told me to take it and they are tired of looking at me.  HAHA!
My chair decided to drop suddenly while James was finishing his final sports, but all that you saw on camera was me trying to get the chair back up once the video ended.  Soooo... we ended the night on a good laugh.
Boy!  It was chilly yesterday.  Great morning to get taxes done and have family visit. It is almost 30° warmer this morning compared to yesterday.  I LOVE saying that... considering we had snow over the weekend.  
So that means scattered rain showers today.  The heaviest rain will be this afternoon and early evening...
Then the rain is OUT OF HERE!  So a wet start to the workweek, but a prolonged dry stretch is on the way! Rain showers and off through Monday with some of the heaviest rain in the late afternoon and early evening. Winds will stay breezy today with mild temperatures. More sun for Tuesday and we stay mostly sunny all the way through the upcoming weekend. Highs stay in the 50s for the start of the week with 70s possible by next weekend! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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