Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spending time with Buckeye

I went home to Dawn's parents' house to celebrate Christmas the last couple days.  He loves finding his favorite chair in the sun.  Dawn stayed another day, but I had to come home today for work and I brought Buckeye home with me.  It is kinda nice to get some undivided time with him.  He loves being around everyone, but he gets so worked up trying to keep tabs on where everyone is inside the house.  When it is just me and him, he just follows me around and stays with me.  And the fact that he is missing everyone from the past few days means that he is even more interested in spending time with me.

Taking a look at the forecast.  Rain moves in overnight tonight and will be scattered for the first half of Sunday.  Most of the steady rain will be across Southeastern Ohio.  Areas to the north and west of Ohio will not see nearly as much rain.  Temperatures will remain around 40 through Sunday afternoon, but then a cold blast of air arrives in the evening and once we fall below freezing Sunday night then we will likely stay below freezing for the entire week ahead.  BUNDLE UP! A few flurries are likely Sunday night, but not expecting any accumulations.  A couple rounds of snow are on the way on Wednesday AM and Thursday.  Wednesday will be a weak clipper system with minimal accumulations, but you may need the shovel for Thursday.  I will keep you posted.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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