Sunday, December 22, 2013

Goodbye snow... hello rain

Last week was pretty around Central Ohio.  Each morning had a new dusting or light accumulation of snow... but that didn't last long.
Thursday and Friday Dawn and I went back to Dayton and my parents for her work holiday party and to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was a lot of fun to have the entire family there together.  We haven't had the entire family together in a LONG time.  I also got a Ron Burgundy onesie.  My sister kept up the shenanigans by re-wrapping presents that were still at my parents from last year.  (I actually took it home last year, but my dad asked for me to bring it back so we could play... he NEVER plays board games and he actually enjoyed that one.)
My dad also put out the rain gauge before the rain and they totaled at 5.12" of rain for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  That was the highest reported rainfall total for the National Weather Service office.  Here in Columbus we saw a little over 2" of rain.  I stayed late for severe weather last night.

A look ahead... Flood waters will peak tonight through early Tuesday. I see a few flurries for Monday, but that is about it.  Tuesday a few models are hinting at a light dusting or light accumulation of snow.  It does NOT look like enough to have a White Christmas, which, by definition, is 1" of snow.  Another light dusting or light accumulation on Thursday, but nothing of significance by how it looks now.  Next Sunday into Monday may be our next decent snow.  We stay cold until then with highs in the upper 20's or low-mid 30's.   Anyway... no treacherous weather, other than some flooding, for Ohio and the holidays.  I will be back on for updates since I will be in the weather center through Wednesday, so check back in for any updates!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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