Thursday, December 19, 2013

A VERY wet weekend ahead

Flooding will be a real possibility this weekend.  The ground is still frozen, so rain will not soak in.  Ice dams may occur on the rivers and streams.  Not to mention the 2+" of rain and all the snow and ice we have to melt.  Out temperatures will stay above freezing from now until Monday.  We stay dry Thursday, but light rain moves in for Friday.  Saturday the rain picks up and some strong showers/storms for later Saturday and early Sunday.  Most of the models are showing at least 2" of rain for most of us, with the possibility of 3+" in spots.  I know the saying goes "Over the river and through the woods" but make sure you are driving over the river and not through it on your way to grandmother's house. 

The rain ends Sunday and we fall back below freezing Monday.  There will likely be some refreeze.  White Christmas does not look likely at this point.  Once the rain leaves we won't see much moisture left over once we fall below freezing.  The good news is that the only travel hindrance will be high water.  Just wanted to jump on here and give you guys a heads up for the rain on the way.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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