Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icy night ahead for Ohio

Winter Weather Advisory for most of Ohio tonight due to freezing drizzle.  I had to increase the sensitivity on the radar to pick up the increased moisture content.  The pink shade shows the denser drizzle areas.
It took less than five minutes to ice up our tower cam tonight.  The good news is that temperatures will warm up a couple degrees overnight so some places(mainly south) will warm up just barely above freezing.  
At least we didn't get hammered with the snow like they did in Philly today.  The Lions - Eagles game was so much fun to watch though.

So tonight, our temperatures will warm up a bit, so spotty areas will see some thawing, while other places will stay below freezing.  It will be spotty so be careful when you hit the road because you may have wet conditions, but a few miles down the road may be icy... it all depends on the surface temperatures and a lot of factors play into that like topography and how densely populated the area happens to be.

More light snow, especially for Southern Ohio for Tuesday morning.  Generally less than an inch of snow.  We then dry out and keep the cold temperatures around through the end of the week.  Slightly warmer by the weekend with another wintry mix returning.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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