Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday spirit

Put up the Christmas tree today.  Always a fun time.  I forgot about some of the ornaments that we have.  The train at the bottom is to keep Buckeye from getting any wild ideas with a tree in the house.  Since he can't see it startles him when he bumps into it or steps on the train tracks, so it keeps him from thinking the outdoors came indoor. ;)
My cousin actually dug this picture up today of me and tweeted it.  I remember the bear vividly from my childhood.  Now I know where I got it!

As far as the weather goes... Much warmer temps heading into the middle of the week.  The chance for rain remains in the forecast for the coming days as well.  Just a slight chance for a stray light rain shower tonight and Tuesday. 

Scattered rain showers for Wednesday and Thursday.  Temperatures begin to fall Thursday.  By Friday our temperatures continue to fall and the rain will transition into a wintry mix and eventually into snow showers for later Friday.  Light accumulations are expected.  For Ohio it looks very  similar to the snow totals that we had last week.  I will keep an eye on it, but right now SE Ohio could expect 1-3+" of snow and NW Ohio will see up to 2" or even less the closer to Toledo.  Again, stay tuned for any changes.  Another round of wet weather Sunday, but the models can't decide if they want it cold enough for snow yet.  The last two model runs have warmed it up and changed it to rain.  Lot of changes to come, I am sure because one or two degrees will mean rain or snow.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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