Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sharknado before vacation

It is daunting to get all the tasks done before vacation.  I am leaving for my brother's wedding later today and also vacation after the wedding.  All the laundry, cleaning, packing, vacuuming, washing dishes.... So what better way to spend the afternoon folding clothes than watching Sharknado.  Boy was it rough!!!  Now... I know it is a Syfy movie and it was not intended to be scientific at all, but it made Twister look like a PhD documentary.  Entertaining?  Ehh, sure.  Good acting?  Marginal.  Plausible storyline? Not even close.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon while you are doing chores.
Alright, on to the forecast...  I personally will be keeping a very close eye on Tropical Storm Dorian.  It is churning in the Atlantic and moving at a moderate pace of 17 miles per hour.  If it speeds up then it will fall apart, but right now it could be impacting the US mainland by the end of next week if it holds together.  I reached out to the Hurricane Hunters to see if I could fly with them an intercept the storm once it gets closer and IF, big IF, it stays healthy...

For Ohio... We warm back into the mid 80's for Friday and Saturday and another cold front will bring scattered showers storms for Saturday afternoon and evening.  We cool back with highs near 80 for early next week then another chance for storms toward the middle-end of next week as we warm back again into the upper 80's.  So the warmer temperatures will return... but for now, enjoy the mild temperatures...

I may try to check in via my phone while out of town, so be sure to check back in.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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