Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9AM Update on Severe Weather for Today

We are still under the Slight Risk for severe storms later today across the Ohio Valley.  
The Storm Prediction Center has most of Ohio under the 2% chance for a tornado within a 25 mile radius.
There is a better chance for severe winds (58 mph or stronger) with most of Central Ohio in the 30% range for this afternoon.
And a marginal chance for severe hail of 1" or larger with a 15% chance in a 25 mile radius.
The 8AM weather balloon shows a LOT of energy already to start the day.
The area between the red line and the dashed line is the CAPE, Convective Available Potential Energy.  Once we heat up there will be even more energy.  I am not impressed with the wind shear, change of wind direction with height, to sustain tornadic storms.  However SPC is already eyeing the sky for hail and winds.
There is also a Meso Discussion across parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Western Ohio.  There is a 40% chance for a Severe Thunderstorm Watch to be issued. 

For Central Ohio we will be dealing with plenty of sunshine through the morning with building clouds by midday.  The strongest of the storms look to be between 2PM and 8PM depending on where you live.  The storms will start across the Northwestern part of the area and move to the South and West.  The good news is that this will bring lower humidity, cooler temperatures, and more sunshine for the end of the week and weekend.  Looking forward to that!

I will be tweeting all watches and warnings for Central Ohio, so be sure to follow my Twitter account, @AndrewWSYX6, for those, or head over to my Facebook page for those warnings as well.  Any questions, fire away!  Stay alert and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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