Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach & Florida wx

Coming back from the rallies it takes a day or two until you start seeing all of the photos getting uploaded.  What did we do before social media?  Sit around and share photo albums?  This photo, above, was from the south beach in Chicago from the weekend's moped rally.
This photo was from Saturday night after the Long Short Ride to the beach.  I look kinda mad in the photo.  I was bringing bad news to KZ though that his Maxi seized up when Mark was riding it.  Maybe THAT is why I look so somber.

Speaking of beaches, the weather here in Ohio seems a lot like Florida.  We stay humid with pop-up showers and storms through the rest of the week.  The rain will weaken and die out at night, but you gotta keep an eye to the sky for the upcoming afternoons.  Have a great Tuesday!

Andrew Buck Michael

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