Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back from vacation with LOTS of photos

Nothing beats a comfortable morning having coffee on the patio.  The start of my vacation was great.  I enjoyed some patio time with Buckeye before things got hectic.
My brother, Bryant, got married on the 26th of July.  We had the rehearsal outside the night before even though the chance for rain was pretty significant.
My mom made dessert for the rehearsal dinner and no one can compete with her cherry pie, black raspberry pie, or peach cobbler.  SO GOOD!
It was a shame they didn't get married on Friday night because it was gorgeous!
I made a quick stop by Swensons on the way to the wedding.  Dawn always raves about it and I never got a chance to try it.  Pretty tasty for sure.  I would go back.
So the wedding was inside.  The rain was over by the wedding time, but the rain all morning made it pretty soggy in the grass for all the ladies in heels.
Here is a shot of my parents and siblings.  I have a great family.
Here is a picture of Dawn and me before the wedding.   The wedding went well considering we didn't really rehearse the wedding in the rain location.
One of my co-workers, Kristen, was at the wedding because she went to college with the bride, Jackie.
Speaking of Jackie... she looked fantastic and I loved her dress.  
The reception was a lot of fun and it was great seeing friends together.
We flew out of Cleveland on Sunday.  By chance, a few of our friends were on the same flight so that added a little more fun to the flight.
I love taking pictures of the clouds from the plane.  Even though we didn't go to the beach, we at least flew over it. I believe the beach below is Daytona as we approached Orlando.
I was SHOCKED at the price of corn on the cob in Florida.  I should have brought a few hundred ears and it could have paid for most of the trip.
Our resort was really sweet.  It had a long lazy river that took about twenty five minutes to get around.  We also had a putt-putt course and the Hippo, the worlds largest inflatable slide.  More pictures of the resort a little further down. 
Some people call me crazy, but I LOVE running in the heat.  Temps in the 90's and humidity making it feel like 100's... sign me up for a run!
This year was the opposite of last year.  I remembered to get an anniversary card this year... however I spotted Dawn buying her card at Target.
Tuesday, the 30th, was our two year wedding anniversary and we went to Disney.  I had been to Disney about six times, but it had been ten years.  It always brings out the kid in me.
We spent the morning at EPCOT and tried to beat the rush to the big attractions.  Super hot for sure so we took a photo early before we got too sweaty.
For the afternoon we went to Magic Kingdom and BOY was it hot!  I think we honestly spent about $50 on iced tea.  We managed to squeeze in almost everything we wanted to do in one day, but we were exhausted by the time we were done.
Wednesday we took it easy at our resort and got a little silly at the arcade while it was raining.
Another couple stayed with us for a few days and we went to Downtown Disney Wednesday night. 
Thursday Dawn and I went around to a few of the Disney resorts to scope out where we may want to stay when we return in a few years... maybe with some little ones.
We also stopped by Riverside, which is where my family normally always stays.  Brought back a lot of memories.
While enjoying Florida, a few of my co-workers had a get-together and decided to do my wide smile and so they sent me a photo of what they call #BuckFace... I prefer #BuckSmile.  I think they nailed the smile though.  You may ask why... because life is too short to smile small.
I did get a pretty sweet tan line while on vacation.  Go Browns!
And so the final day there... Dawn wanted to go around and take a few photos to show her parents the resort.  I wanted to just lay in the hammock. 
Even at 8AM there were people in the lazy river.  It got super packed in the afternoons with a lot of people walking with and against the current.  I wish it was kept to only people that paid for the tubes.
Floating along the river, you miss out on some of the beauty of the resort.
It felt great putting your shoulders under the waterfall.  
We stopped by a gift shop on the way to the airport and I couldn't help myself.  I did the #BuckSmile with the alligator. 
Our flight was a bit of a nightmare.  There was a fire at the Orlando airport on one of the luggage conveyor belts.   So that meant they could not load the plane with any of the checked luggage so we we had to sit on the plane for two hours.  The good side of the situation is that it allowed us to see a beautiful sunset from 35,000 feet.
And no one was more excited to see us than Buckeye.  He was beside himself with excitement when we got home. 
On to the forecast...  A beautiful sunrise this morning with a break in the clouds on the horizon.  For today we could have an isolated shower or two, but most of us staying dry.  The humidity will slowly be on the rise as we head through the day and our temperatures warming back into the mid 80's.
Tomorrow there is a slight risk for severe weather.  I think the chance is fairly small for severe weather, but scattered showers are a pretty good bet.  Our temps stay warm through the entire week ahead with the chance for isolated rain Thursday and Friday.  We cool off into the lower 80's by the weekend and dry out.  Looking like a pretty awesome weekend.  Back to the newscast... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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