Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mo-peds Mo-problems

It was great to get back in the garage yesterday.  I went for a run and decided I was dirty, and sweaty enough in the tropical humidity, that the garage sounded like a good idea.  I needed to pick up my Puch Magnum and bring it back to the house.  I put it in the garage while on vacation.  Anyway, I stopped and looked and noticed all the projects going on.  I need to get a couple of them ready for the road and sell them.
The first thing I wanted to tackle was the Murray moped.  The gas tank tabs were busted off when I bought it and the main set-back was getting a gas tank mounted.  The motor runs well and I need to mount the front fender and shorten the pedal chain and she is ready for the road!
A few of us had some rain yesterday, mainly to the south and north.  The above image is the rainfall totals estimated by the radar for yesterday.  More rain expected today.
The good news is that the threat for severe weather today is less than yesterday.  The SEE TEXT over Indiana and Ohio is saying that strong winds and hail are still possible, but the SPC is not expecting the storms to become severe.

So more scattered showers and storms today and tomorrow, but then we try to dry out by the weekend.  The humidity will also be very high today and tomorrow until the cooler, drier air pushes in for the weekend.  I still think there is a very, very small chance for a spotty rain shower Saturday to the south because the cold front will still be moving away.  But other than that I think it should be a pretty good weekend for outdoor activities.  Back to the news... have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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