Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding is almost here

Everyone said that the year leading up to your wedding would fly by and they were absolutely correct. Dawn and I are only twenty days away from our wedding and part of me wishes it was 1 day and another part of me wishes it was 100 days still. I am very ready to get the wedding done and over with but it would be nice to just relax, but MAN, I have not had time to do that! I put together another mail today because we got a handful of RSVP's back yesterday. Many of the guests are not familiar with OSU or Columbus so we felt it was our duty to try to give everyone a little background information since the wedding will be on campus. I really am excited for the day and to be able to relax afterwards.

Today was a scorcher. We got up to 90 in Dayton and luckily it was not super humid, however that will be changing tomorrow. We should get up to 91 the next few days and the humidity will make it feel closer to 100. Afternoon and evening showers and storms the next couple of days and then a little cool down for the middle of the week. Next weekend is looking warmer...there is a slight chance for rain next weekend with a frontal boundary sitting near us. Well I am going to jump off here and get as much stuff ready for the morning show as I can...Working day 17 straight and only have two more after today til I get a day off...well kinda... have to drive to Lima and meet with the Pastor for the sitting still!! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. We had a lot of thunder and lightning last night, electric went off at 9:30 and came back around 5:20am. First it's ever been off that long. It's amazing how much we depend on our electric.

    Good luck to you both for the rest of the month and all the plans, work and etc.


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