Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember the bitter cold six months ago?

Remember six months ago...snow on the ground and we had lows below zero? I dunno, I think I would take one day like that just to remember what it felt like to have your breath taken away from the bitter cold and wind.

I finished the rest of the wedding favors this morning... the only major thing that we still have to nail down is the unity sand...we are not doing candles because there is a good chance they will blow out... so we liked the idea of doing the sand. Only seven days until the wedding...

Temps will cool down a few more degrees over the next few days and we will see the chance for rain for Sunday and mainly early Monday. Lower humidity for the first half of the week before the heat and humidity returns for the end of the far as my wedding on Saturday... a slight chance for rain...very slight, but it does look hot and humid...I will be keeping a VERY close eye on things.

Andrew Buck Michael

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