Friday, July 15, 2011

Google +

Step aside social media platforms for the newest kid on the block. Google + is still in its beta stages and only open to those invited. I had a friend invite me and at first it is a quite overwhelming, but after more and more time I am falling in love with the site. I downloaded the mobile app and it can automatically download all of your photos and videos to the site and back them up on Picasa. This was really nice because I had over 1200 photos/videos on my phone. It took about 20 hours for the wifi at home to complete the task, but it made me a little less worried about washing my phone and losing my data. The mobile app also allows you to scan through your photos and when you delete one from the site it also deletes the photo from your phone. I had quite a few duplicates or blurry photos that needed to be deleted. I am always so busy I normally just take another photo quickly rather than deleting the bad one...but now I am all cleaned up and streamlined. Another feature I don't know if I like yet is how the phone will automatically upload my photo to the site once it is taken...I don't have to do anything. It does not automatically publish it, but keeps it hidden until I want to post it. Another nice feature is the "circles." You arrange your friends or contacts by how you know them so you can post photos just to your friends or just your family or coworkers...however you want to arrange everything. Cool stuff, just takes a little time to understand the product because it is not like Facebook...sorry for those Farmville lovers.

I had the last two days off and they were filled with wedding preps. It consumes my life. Dawn has been in Lima training for her new job and we met with our pastor for the wedding Wednesday night in Lima...which worked out perfectly. I did take my moped and ride with my friend and groomsmen, KZ, who works for the Lima News.
It was nice meeting up with him and riding to their local Dairy King for his dinner break. I hadn't had a chance to see him in a while so it was nice to catch up and hear about the recent moped rally in Chicago and all the fun that they had. I love Chicago and I love mopeds...mixing the two would be heavenly. I then rode back to the hotel where Dawn was staying and other than that been doing a lot of wedding preps. I have been working on mailings, favors, and other little odds and ends that get wrapped up in the final days...15 to go! Today is my last bachelor moped group ride. We will be grilling out at my place and then riding around Dayton tonight so maybe you will see our group out and about.

The weather looks to be increasingly warm over the next seven days. Today we will get into the mid 80's and then we will continuously climb over the next seven days with many of the days getting into the 90's...pending no showers kicking the temperature back down a few degrees. With highs in the 90's and plenty of humidity we will see pop-up showers and storms as well. Nothing widespread because it is going to be a while until we see a decent cool down...hopefully by the wedding. Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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