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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My keys & last entry before the wedding

One of my friends made me think about my keys recently... I took a look down at all of my keys and what they were for. He made mention that keys are a lifeline and sign of trusting friends. I currently have a couple keys that are from friends or family that have grew in number over the last few years. I then looked past my house and car keys at what else I have. I still have the M6 1.00 nut from one of my mopeds when I needed to get a properly sized bolt. I also have my moped key and my discount cards to AutoZone, Kroger, and other local businesses. Recently I added another item to my key chain that you will rarely find on any other set of keys...a wedding ring.

After doing my research on men's wedding bands I noticed the main difference was the metal. While gold or platinum are more of a traditional metal, I am more of a new edge kinda guy, or I tell myself that. Recently titanium has hit the stage because let's face it...anything with titanium just sounds cool. Titanium is also an extremely strong metal and can really take a beating and I work in the garage a lot. Well it turns out there was one better...tungsten. There are videos where people take sledge hammers to them and not even a dent...or metal scratch at all. The only way to alter them or take them off in an emergency is it to literally shatter them under extreme pressure, my kinda fun.

I went around to jewelers and looked at rings for myself with Dawn. I quickly found out that they were all crazily priced. I understand I will only buy this ring once in my life, but I like to save money where I can. I also love supporting the local economy, however I don't want to over inflate it either, haha. So I decided if it is the same metal, why not see what is online. I went on Amazon and found two rings I liked... one for $9.99 and another for $29.99. I ordered them both. They arrived in a few days and I really liked the $29.99 ring, but it was slightly too large, so for another $29.99 (free shipping) I bought another ring a half size smaller. Fit like a glove.

I then had the dilemma of three wedding rings and only one bride. I decided I would keep the larger ring and JUST IN CASE I put on a little weight, down the line, I will get it blessed at the wedding too and hold on to it. The last ring that I got for less than ten bucks I put on my key chain a month ago. It goes wherever I go and is a sign of trust and the lifeline that I will be soon getting in my life. While I will have the actual wedding ring on my finger to remind me of that...I have a symbolic key on my key chain...the ring. (Still unscratched).

Still looking hot for the next couple days with a chance for rain late Friday into Saturday. The wedding is outside on Saturday in Columbus and the latest models have been trending toward less of a chance for rain, but still rather warm with temps in the upper 80's for the afternoon and a little humid. Regardless of what my final call is for the outdoor wedding or our rain location...I will be marrying the woman of my dreams. If you are interested, I will be tweeting pictures of everything leading up to the wedding on my personal twitter: It should be a fun time and I look forward to a life of happiness and fun. Until I return from our honeymoon in Mexico (hopefully not burnt), have a good one!

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