Friday, July 22, 2011

Eight Days Until the Wedding

Wedding crunch time...eight days away until I watch Dawn walk down the isle towards me. It has been consuming my life. I helped my brother move to Wooster for his new job on Wednesday and I was supposed to meet with the florist, but we couldn't cross paths before she left for the day so I stayed at my brother's place in Columbus. I met with the florist, the hotel manager, and the reception manager by myself yesterday and then came home and worked on the wedding favors with Dawn. We are almost to the big day and I can't wait... I am very excited, but so busy I haven't had time to be nervous.

Today is my last morning waking up at 2AM for work until I get back from the honeymoon. I love working mornings because I have the rest of the day free, but I am excited to only wake up early to catch my plane to Mexico. Well, most days I am I am heading to Clark County fair for work and then also Grilling for Terwilleger tonight...all before a final date night with Dawn before we get married. I figured something fun sounds good...maybe Dave & Busters.

Another super hot day today with a high of 95. Yesterday we hit 97 for the high, which was the warmest since July 30, 1999...almost 12 years. We will slowly cool down for the next couple of days with scattered storms possible in the afternoons. As we head into the start of next week we will FINALLY dip back down into the 80's...the wedding, right now, is looking warm and humid...only a slight chance for rain. I hope it stays dry since it is an outdoor wedding. See ya back on here tomorrow!

Andrew Buck Michael

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