Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back in...kinda

I am still sick. This week has been so busy, it made my previous "busy" weeks look easy. The wedding is less than four weeks away so there has been a TON going on with that. I also am currently on day 10 of 19 straight of work. Between those two things I have had very little time for much else, but I did manage to squeeze in some late night moped riding Friday night. I am working tonight and will be back up at 2 AM, after 90 minutes of sleep, for the morning wonder I am still sick, my body can never recover. I am filling in all this week in the morning since Mike is on vacation. Needless to say I will be sleeping as soon as the morning show is complete tomorrow morning. This week I also have a lot of other stuff planned...getting our marriage license in Columbus, stopping by the florist, meeting with my parents about wedding stuff, consultant meeting at work, turning my Where You Live story after the morning show, AND grilling for Terwilleger on Friday night. OH! I did forget to mention I got pulled over on my moped on my way to a meeting for work Thursday... the sheriff deputy ran the wrong license plate and then let me continue....slowly...on my way.

It has been rather warm and humid the last few days but the humidity will be dropping through tomorrow, however, there will be a slight chance for isolated showers/storms. Another week cold front will swing through late night Wednesday into Thursday with a chance for rain, but only a slight chance since we will be so dry. This week basically looks very dry and warm with temps in the mid 80's most of the week. We really need the rain, I noticed the corn leaves have started to curl. I would say 2-3" would take care of things for now, but we really need a lot of a slow and steady form. Enjoy the Fourth of July tomorrow and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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