Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starting a new project

Well after a lot of thought...I think I am going to go ahead with my plan...I am working on a new moped that has never been built details just yet, but after doing a lot of thinking and talking to Briton Bees, I am totally pumped to start my build. It will take me a little while to accomplish because of the wedding and all. I also will be using the help of some of our new members of the Dayton Area Moped Riders. We have a few fabricators that will be helping out with some stuff that I do not have to tools to do, but it should turn out to be a fun little project and I started on the rough blue prints tonight.

I am finally free of the morning show and back on nights for the weekend. I have been getting an average of three hours of sleep a night because my body just cannot full adjust to mornings when I fill in for a week. I work tomorrow night and then I am back on the morning show on Monday and then free to sleep in for a few days. I also am currently working day 16 straight and have three more after today...can't wait for a day off. I love what I am doing, but takes a toll on you...

The weather today was BEAUTIFUL!!! We were in the mid and upper 80's and we were dealing with fairly low humidity. Tomorrow will be warmer and a little more humid...feeling like the mid 90's, typical summer in Ohio. More heat for Monday, but showers and storms will roll into here later in the day and linger into Tuesday. Another front will sit to our south for later next week so it looks like we could deal with a spotty shower or storm, mainly south, for Wednesday and possibly Friday. Wednesday and Thursday looks to be a little cooler with highs in the lower 80's after the front swings through Tuesday and then stalls out south of us. I am really hoping Friday drys out because we have a moped ride planned. Anyway, enjoy tomorrow and its heat...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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