Saturday, August 28, 2010

The smell of smoke

While most people do not like the smell of smoke, there are two times that I really love to smell it.  One is during the Independence Day celebrations with all the fireworks....since that just happened I don't long for the feeling of heat and humidity.... I would much rather have the feeling of a nip in the air and Christmas lights on the houses with the smell of families lighting up the fireplace.  The smell of smoke in the winter of a roaring fireplace just takes me away to a special place of happy memories with the family looking at Christmas lights and excitement of the celebrations around the end of the year.  When you are driving around in the fall and you smell that first scent of a fireplace, it puts a smile on your face and lets you know, it's time.  Although for the next week we are forecasting either a degree shy or better than 90, it won't be long til the leaves start turning and we will need that jacket, then coat, then extra sweatervest to keep a little warm.... while there is no set date on when I will be dawning my sweatervest, normally the rule of thumb is the first days where we reach highs in the 50's.... 

Christmas is less than four months away, and I can't wait for the holiday season to approach!  Not only will it be filled with cheer, but it will also give my mopeds a little break from the roads. This means all their engines will be cracked open and rebuilt, so when next spring rolls around, they will feel like 2 years old, rather than 31.......and who doesn't like to feel like a kid again???  All the presents and no responsibility....just bed time....  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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