Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My body aches....

I went boating with Dawn's cousins yesterday and today I am feeling the pain.  I have never tried water skiing, but snow ski occasionally.  Well it turns out that water skiing and snow skiing are a little different.... The form is what really threw me off at first, I am used to sitting on the skis, but not the same for water skiing.   The first few tries were nothing more than comical.... I kept just eating water at Ceasers Creek State Park.  Every time I seemed to make it a little farther into getting on my skis and riding, but would fall back down... I finally did get up though, for about 15 seconds, and after that, I was way too exhausted to give it another go.....  We then found a rope swing and had a blast swinging into the lake followed by some tubing.  Everyone can tube, and that was an absolute blast!  I think I caught a few feet of air a few times and really enjoyed the fun day.  However, like I said, today I am really feeling sore all over my body, but especially between my shoulder blades.  My back muscles feel like they are tensed up and hard enough that you could use it as a cutting board to prepare food...... Where is Dawn for a back massage when you need her?!?!  Oh well, off to bed for a late morning nap.... Stay cool out there today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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