Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Deck Staining Weather

The mild temps and dry weather has been perfect for getting the deck ready for weathering and taking a beating.... so rather than doing it in the beating sunshine and heat, the last few days has been great to get out there and work on the wooden patio.  I have been helping out a friend and it has been an interesting experience.  Monday I cleaned the decks by using the cleaner, which is basically bleach... I managed to bleach my shirt and have a constant head ache the entire day... Yesterday, Tuesday, after it dried I put down the first coat of stain.  It was a cedar color and by the time I was done, I had a great spray tan, but instead of soaking into my skin like it did with the wood, I was crazy sticky.  My shoes are completely orange and will be thrown away once I am finished, but I guess it is good that I wore my old shoes.  Anyway, I will do some touch-up work along the side of the house which was covered by sheets, let that dry, and apply the second coat tomorrow....  Pending no rain falls at the house today.

Speaking of rain, a cold front is swinging through the area today, but since the air has been so dry the last few days and will get even drier for the coming days, the cold front doesn't have a lot of moisture for much rain.  If we see anything today it should be a light shower at best...maybe a sprinkle.  The next few days will be dry and unseasonably cool....but not for long, things will warm up for the weekend and next week looks hot, around 90 for the highs.  As of right now, it appears it may be the last "hot" streak before we finally start cooling down for the fall.  About time, I know, enjoy the next few days and have a good one!

P.S. Four months til Christmas!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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