Thursday, August 12, 2010

What up Reds?!?!

You guys have been doing so well and was hoping to take a few games away from the Cardinals in the series this week, but we get swept?!?!  We go from two games atop the NL Central to now one game back?!?!  I thought you were better than that.   I went to Wednesdays game and apart from being hot, you held your own, until the grand slam.   Even though there was plenty of time left, you could feel the fans just sigh as the fork went in.... cuz we were done...  Not sure if its a mental block or what, but we NEED to really own some hardware when it comes to the Cardinals. 

Well time for another hot day, the humidity was slow to return, but with temps in the 90's it doesnt need to be super humid to feel nasty outside.  We actually managed to top out at 94 Tuesday making it the hottest day of the year so far.  We almost hit 90 yesterday but the rain cooled off the airport and so far only two consecutive days in the 90's, meaning no heatwave, technically.(you need three days consecutively)  That being said, no one would argue that it wasnt hot yesterday.  The heat will linger though the next few days until we finally see a decent push of "cooler" air arrive to the area.  Stay cool and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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