Friday, August 13, 2010

Pulling up the Anchor.

It has been a fun time on the morning show, but Jeff Booth has to take vacation sometime.... meaning I am getting pulled off the anchor chair and position for at least the next week.  Which means nine days straight of the evening weather, not complaining, cuz when you love what you do, it is always fun.

Also for the next nine days it will just be Buckeye and I at home because Dawn is going to Key West with her family on vacation.  I am totally jealous of her.  I went to Key West on a road trip back in 2007 with my friend Jimmy Noe.  We had a blast, I can't remember the song, but I think it was by The Verve and it was the "Key West Song." We would drive around just blaring the song and it totally fit the atmosphere and mood.  The one thing I am not jealous about the trip is the fact that they are flying.  When we drove along the bridges from Miami to Key West, I remember it as one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  It did take several hours because the speed limit was a little restrictive, but I love just going from island to island on the bridges and looking out for miles at the calm water with boats out in the distance just anchored and I am sure its passengers loving life....  yea I miss Key West.

Oh well, we got Key West temps I guess.  A cold front will swing through late Saturday into Sunday and that will bring some rain and will knock the temps back into the mid 80's for next week.  I can't wait til we are talking mid 70's for highs, ehh?  Well stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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