Monday, August 16, 2010

Trying to straighten up....

Dawn is in Key West and she left the house as if she had no prior warning of her trip... The house looked like a tornado just went through it. So I have been slowly deep cleaning the entire house.  Laundry, dishes, bags of recycling paper, reorganizing, and more cleaning.  It will take me all week, but it will be immaculate when she returns...  Now as for dinner, that has been a little different story.

Since I have been dedicating so much time around the house, the kitchen and the food preparation has been lacking and I vowed to myself absolutely no eating out while she is gone for the ten days.  Well yesterday was lunch meat sandwich with baked beans on a bed of mashed potatoes....ehhh, it is what it is.  Tonight I wanted to whip something up.... now keep in mind, I have about 45 minutes, tops, to get home, let Buckeye out, start making food, eat, clean up, and let Buckeye out again.  Sometime the last few weeks the recipe box must have gotten moved because I couldn't find it and I wanted to make pancakes (very filling).  So I started grabbing stuff: whole wheat flower, bleached flower, sugar, eggs, milk, water.... and threw it all together.  I popped off the beaters into the sink as I turned on the stove and realized I forgot oil to keep them from sticking to the skillet.  I cleaned the beaters and added the oil, just in time for the skillet to heat up.  Pop the beaters back into the sink.  After it was in the skillet and cooking, I realized I forgot baking powder... Now I am NOT one to waste food so I planned on eating it, but I still added the baking powder to the rest of the uncooked batter, meaning I had to wash the beaters once again after taking them out of the sink.  It was amazing how much different the baking powder made.  So much fluffier and tasty.  Try it!

Anyways, I got my meals planned out for the next few days:  I am making a chicken, pasta, vegetable, stew thingy I make ever so well.  It will easily be reheated and is AWESOME!!  Just thought I would share my kitchen happenings!  Hope you all are enjoying the cool temps before it gets steamy again for Thursday and Friday!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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