Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Heat Wave?

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday reached the 90's for highs, which technically makes it a heatwave. Today and tomorrow are forecasted to reach the 90's again, and this may be the last of the heat for the year, or at least the last heatwave.  This year we have had three of them, and last year, we didn't have any at all.  The models are showing that cooler weather looks to stick around for a while, and this may be the last we actually see of the 90's for the year.  So if you are a fan of the warm temperatures, then get out there and enjoy it before it cools downs.  We are still watching a cold front swinging through Thursday night in to Friday morning leaving us in the 70's for highs for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

While it will be nice to finally get some rain, I wish the timing was off by about 12 hours.  As many of you may know, Thursday night is the first Ohio State game of the season, and since I do the weather on the weekends, this will be my only chance to go and watch the Buckeyes this year.  I am going with Dawn, her cousin John, and his friend Tim....all alums.  I have went to a game with the group before and we had a lot of fun.  I do not expect it to be a close game, but regardless it is Ohio State and I am super excited to be able to attend a game this year, especially the season opener.

Been working on the mopeds lately.  I recently got a few new parts to help them run a little "quicker."  We all know mopeds are considered slow moving vehicles, so I am just helping the speed a little bit.  Actually the pipe I ordered will help my low end, so basically when I take off from a stop it will have much better acceleration and mid-range speed.  This is very important because where I live now is very hilly, so it will additionally help getting up the hills. 

Well stay cool and I will have an update after Buckeye game. Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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